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tv   Inside Story  ABC  December 28, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EST

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we were like oh, my >> the the big story of 2014 and where they go next in the new year. let's get the inside story. good morning and welcome to this special yearend edition of inside story. i'm tamala edwards let's say hello to our gussied up panelist. let's say hello to george and sharmaine and don and chris teen. thank you for being here. one of the biggest stories race and the police kicked off every over the summer with the shooting of michael brown continued with the choking death of eric garner no indictment no
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trial. a lot of protest and issues where this goes up. our own chief ramsey is heading up a panel that's supposed to to go to the president in march. looking ahead what needs to be in the report. is there any indication that all sides will be satisfied this will good. >> i don't think all sides will be satisfied but the body cameras will be a recommendation. there's going to be some and he knows coming out of it, but people will be there. i don't know if there's anything to do with the grand jury, i don't claim to have degree, we have two attorneys here. >> many people point out grand jury came out of in england there was a class difference because a lower class person accusing an upper class person it could injury your livelihood.
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do we need to revamp the grand jury process? >> i don't think the laws need to be changed. i think our approach as human beings who are flawed human error, need to be refocused. i think the system itself is fine, i think it served society civilization well for the past 200 years at least in this county. i do think though, there's a problem with the perception of the role of the prosecutor, how much power the prosecutor wields if we get a to system we don't like, we can say you millions used the system. george you can second me on this. >> he can't wait for it. >> i think the society has evolved and our changing perception of race and the power of the police has evolved. the complications of grand jury processes and decisions have changed.
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i do not think that the system i felt is flawed. >> i come from a community that probably does not agree with that you'll deal with the federal prosecutor issue. i think the most important issue for the president and for the county this whole activity has generated a feeling among millennials, african-american mill lenls who thought they were -- millennials who thought they were living in post railsism america. >> the movie selma is coming back looking back in history at a movement that made big differences. many people say we continue to seep the protests, thousand taking to the streets. dr. king had a plan, laws he was trying to change and things else doing. what is the plan here, will we see protests or is there a next step? >> we have to continue to look
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at when we look at the issue of rails in america. it is changing the rules but it's about changing the heart. we must continue to attack hearts and minds as it relates at this issue. if i look at you and for some reason my perception of you is you're not equal to me or not as worthy or come from a group or class of people who maybe are scary, then the actions that i take against you i can very easily justify them for myself personally and within my own group. i think the work that is required. i think the protest young people will grapple with the question. orderly people will grapple with the question, but the identity of trying to figure out how we'll live together and work together is something that we haven't figure out. >> what does this mean for police departments. same things i read what happens if police officers start to be slower to calls in certain
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neighborhoods. you know what i'm going to get yelled out if i shoot at it is going to be said it's unjustified, you deal with the problem. >> big cities have gotten a little bit better. i don't want to say we fiferghtd it out. -- figured it out. shooting first and answering questions later is something i thought went away with john wayne movies. we can train and engage police in a way to make sure they are not making mistakes. >> i meant to say one quick thing. as someone who comes from a family who had police officers in it, i completely understand the controversies that erupts when you have the shooting of an unarmed person, black white half you. but i think we really need to ratchet down the rhetoric when it comes to the police as this
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monolithic group of being against certain communities. that's why i'm glad charles ramsey is on the commission, of all the public figures entrench in the police community i think he will answer the confess for president obama. >> if you listener to pat lynch of new york or mcnesby versus ramsey lynch and mcnecessary bee they don't --uge it's like they don't want to hear. who prevails with the leadership of those in blue. >> i would say mc hi honey how are you? >>y. you have the dynamic of irish
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particularly in philadelphia. when there's more diversity you might see a difference there. >> one of the challenges in philadelphia, i think commissioner ramsey is a great guy and reaching out to a lot of people to get input on the issue. philadelphia has four african-american police commissioners in succession. that's going to change. youultimately you have to get the question of white police officers and their rip with black men. there's an issue that must be grappled with. of in the african-american community whether wroo conserve tbtive -- in the african-american community whether you're conservative or aggressive, it is believed if they were white they would be
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alive. >> it sounds like there's a communication breakdown em people who she would be talking to eacher are not talking to -- each other are not taking to each other. >> the problem is making all these issues about race, the garner case said this should have gone to a judge or jury. that's the case where we have excessive police force. there's resisting arrest, but not to the extent that it demanded -- >> i don't think people are making it all about race, but the dynamic which george raises which is this idea how do you perceive a black man in a particular kind of situation seems to be universal with the police and some others as a very scary prospect and the first response is to shoot or take that person down in a way. we've had other examples of white people have done the exact
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same thing they have not been treated in the same way. >> i'm sure we'll come back to this story in the new year. let's talk about sports and scandal, what a year we started out with donald sterling and changes in the nba and later in the summer it become domestic abuse. u.s. today did a fascinating story and they went back a decade and how the league handled. in most case you if you got anything you got a one-game suspension. if you're a big deal player somehow you ended up in a diversion program. if you were a guy they were going to cut, you were can you cut from the team. now it will get you a 6-game suspension, is this change or will we continue to hear bad behavior in the nfl and the
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league did not address them appropriately. >> as a fan of the nfl and the sport. i don't think it's fair to ray tack the nfl for doing what society i felt has not done, the nfl is following what society has done over the past decades. our approach to domestic abuse has evolved over the years. maybe the nfl is lagging behind that evolution, but for example in many, many cases there were no prosecution for domestic abuse, because first the laws were set up you could not rape your wife. >> i meant to challenge that because we know that sports teams have strong security teams they are good about working with local police departments making sure this doesn't get to a certain level and the pressure to not let it get to a certain point to say they follow society. >> i'm not saying they need to follow society it's unfair to say this player has not
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suspended when there's not been a prosecution. >> i don't think it's unfair at all. >> part of the change has to do with the amount of information that is available both from videole first lady e-mails and tames, the idea that you can now not you can see pictures and hear tames and voices it makes it a lot more real it is happening. i do think this is a change. >> where you have actual video evidence. >> that's where we are now. >> there's no prosecution if there's no conviction, why is it fair for the nfl to spend a player because someone is saying on this side i was abused. >> we don't want to identify with a guy with the philadelphia eagles jersey on whose beating his wife. >> every players signs a contract that has a personal conduct provision they can act
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under that. the problem with the league and it's always been the case they are about the league first, they are about society second. they were that way respect to drugs and the use of drugs, this is about winning and profit. that's not going to change. but they profess to be different. >> let's talk about this and move on, talk about bill cosby. the ends. year story two dozen women coming forward and saying he offered them something and seemed to be drugged. they woke up and assumed they had been assaulted or raped. does this story go away. we haven't heard from him and maybe they are waiting for it to die down. do we ever hear from bill cosby? >> everybody says you never hear from the person, they always talk. there will be more, too many women too much at stake out there. i don't know that it will be resolved but in the court of public opinion. >> what happens ultimately?
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>> at this point in his life i don't think he can reclaim what he lost. what i am hopeful of, i think his lawyers will tell him not to speak. he is going to be counseled and counseled and counseled. he is not making generic threats, he is not addressing it because nobody will believe him. i hope he retreats not into seclusion, but retreats. i hope his philanthropy was not for celebrity. ebola is going away, we have good news coming out of west africa. did we make changes in what we're doing, there will be something else that comes articled the corner that we're all scared of in 2015. have we made movement in terms
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of infectious disease. >> i think when the story first hit in africa. everybody was yawning a little bit about it, as if we have this big walls up around borders. we are a global world and anything that happens especially on the health front we need to pay an awful lot of attention to it. i am hopeful when we hear something like this we're not going to panic and say let's close the borders we talk about how to solve the problem and where it is. and it will minimize its impact in america and other problems around the world. >> we'll take a short break and come back.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of inside story. let's talk about pope francis he put some coal in people's stockings, the last message to the curea. he said you guys are mean girls you have long faces you have no joy, you make it hard than it needs to be. he's been exploring church finances, he is up ending the system. what does that mean in 2015. >> it's not unusual he is doing this. he is from the ends of the earth he is from argentina. not partly of the curea.
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else 180 degrees from the opposite end of pope benedict, the congregation of faith for so many years. i think he will shake them up, i think there will be a lot of push back. >> he has been talking about women, gays and divorce. hes. he got some push back this year, but the talk is not done. does he see forward movement on this? >> i think he'll have to his forward movement. i think what he is saying to say if we're going to grow and if we're going to be able to keep the church in the center part of the lives of many in the world we're going to have to grapple with the questions we can no longer sit them on the side and act if they were going away. there were policy in pennsylvania a big catholic state. you had 77% of the people
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supporting gay marriage. this is a very, very important issue that will part of the conversation for a while. >> i think the pope like martin luther king junior inside that is role is bigger than just the church. he is an international leader and he is accepting that role and is being masterful at it. >> i don't see him doctrinally change. i differ on that. i think the message of joy is what he is trying to project and being open to people. that's why he says statements that are very fuzzy. i think in philadelphia, we'll see controversies it's not doctrine it's human. >> when pope john paul ii came here it took him to the in effect level. >> this is like the beetle versus the rolling stones. >> i think this is such an
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important thing. >> i think this is going to be the biggest story. we've got a little big stories coming up in 15. thing this will be one of the biggest. let's talk about kathleen kane seth williams is heating her luncheon -- lunch on a case she said she couldn't push forward. a number of people in the democratic party are saying we don't have faith in her. what is 2015 for her. >> i think they are putting together somebody else. the question is the da. >> does she get pushed to step
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down saying i'mday, guacamole with vegve as a law enforcement legislator i should step down. >> no, no i don't think is they steps down but unless something changes she loses. >> a lot of criticism with kane has been from a political prospective. people saying i don't like her philosophy. but what seth williams did coming up with the goods getting the indictment. when he came out with that, that was the first real nail in her political coffins. >> i don't have a lot of faith in the republican also beating her. i see them as screw ups in harrisburg who are not thinking about this, they allowed
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kathleen kane who i thought was the light weights of light weights beat them. she had a a lot of money and an attractive woman and the first woman in the job they were afraid to take that on. >> female candidates in ph have a hard time but she made that harder. >> reporter: when you see somebody in this situation a light weight of light weights kudos to seth williams who jumped in and pushed this. >> i don't think this is ma -- ma soj knee. >> i think it is incompetent he is attacked because she is
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incompetent, it's not because she is a woman. >> bridgegate did not sleigh the georgeer of new jersey. else moving ahead towards running in 2016. when you look at the poles he is on the fence some love him some do not. >> bridge gate is not over to me there's are people who might fails all kinds of penalties, i don't know what they do or know or say ultimately i'm waiting to see that happen. i know the other candidates, a couple of of them i have spoken to them personally. this would be beyond politics, this is war even some of the people he was friendly with. it doesn't play well with others. >> anybody want to get a final word what does he do to the field of other republicans. >> ingles problem he is moving popularity in new jersey. he might not carry new jersey votes. if he can't carry new jersey he is less important to the
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national party. >> let's come back to our insiders end of year stories.
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>> welcome back to inside story, time for the end of year predictions, george what do you have? >> i'm a huge tiger woods fan. i'm looking forward to next year tiger woods being healthy and winning a major and on the road to beating jack nicklauss weather. if you want to beat you mean on him, give him he is a good parent. >> i'll give you a good parent. >> the pope was able to broker a deal between president obama and the castro brothers, he is coming here this year, i think he will broker aine
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drinker. the between governor chris christie and jerry the owner of the dallas cowboys. >> reporter: they will be making decision in 2015 it's not just about the mayor's race. we have two of the best servants around we want dr. william hite and charles ramsey to stay here through the next administration. >> reporter: when the dallas cowboys choke away and tony row mow fumbling. my wish is that inside story continues to be an incredible show and i'm honored to be a part of and be with
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great people like you. cheers. >> we hope you're on to a great last week of the year and have a happy new year. we'll see you back here in 2015. -- traveling -- >> i'm in hotel rooms all the time. having said that i would like this time to give everybody here in the audience a
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well, iowa, we did it. we did it! >> the twists and surprises. >> tim howard is there. >> the people who made their mark in 2014. we're inside the fight against ebola. how these heros beat the odds. the new high stakes drama. has vladimir putin reinnighted the cold war. after a tough year for the nfl, has soccer now become america's game? and the powerful emotional story behind the year's biggest viral video. one hour of new, exclusive interviews and insights. the game changers of 2014. from abc news, a special


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